Saturday, 18 October 2014

Finding your Undertone

Finding your undertone is the first step to accomplishing that perfect makeup look that defines all your assets and hides all your flaws,the wrong shade of lipstick can make you look washed out-the wrong shade of highlighter can make you look like a disco ball!And the wrong shade of under eye concealer can make you look like a striped zebra with two polar opposite colours-which is why you HAVE to define your undertone,and here are my favourite ways how:


This is my favourite method,which only requires honesty and a little experimenting,If you think you look better in silver accessories then you have a cool undertone,but if you look better in gold then you have a warm undertone-simple as that…If you look good in both,then you're lucky and any thing would look good on you.

Second:It's in your veins

This one is known in the beauty community and is a more ''I'm a professional makeup artist'' kind of way to do it,and more definite and accurate yet simple way,only requires focus and good lighting.

Three possible shades of veins: If they are blue you're cool,If green you're warm and if olive you're neutral and again-lucky 

Those 2 methods are my favourite ways that I've tried on other people as well,hope this helped! Don't forget to follow me on here,instagram and twitter (@rahaf_fashion) to keep up!
Talk to you fashionistas later ~Xoxo


Friday, 12 September 2014


The Video Music Awards are INCREDIBLY entertaining,they became even more interesting after Miley's performance last year,she put the bar high up and we're expecting even more this year!

Starting off with the fashion,BREATHTAKING.
Only a few were not-so awesome but for the most part,they did pretty damn amazing.

1-Katy Perry and Riff Raff in VERSACE

They both look ADORABLE in these custom Versace outfits,she took Britney Spear's and Justin Timberlake's look to the next level! Adding some typical Katy Perry rhinestones…

2-Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou

Of course she's on the BDL because first:She's T-my girl! Second:Would you look at that romper?!I don't understand why so many people put her on there WDL I think this is very flattering on her gorgeous perfect body,and that messy -yet combed- hair adds to the sexiness of the outfit.

3-Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier

She did make quite a few jaws drop -not in a good way- at last year's VMA's but this year,she looked sexy yet radiant and classy at the same time,that bandeau top and them pants,perfection.Also,how sweet was she?letting a homeless man accept her award?People who twerk CAN be good people if you doubted that.

4-Ariana Grande in Moschino

She had quite a successful year this year! With her trio with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J,as well as Problem with Iggy Azalea,all eyes are gonna be on her!She looked so incredible! Moschino has been worn before this award season by Demi Lovato at the TCA.

5-Jessie J in Vintage Halston

 Jessie J is like the awesomest most talented vocalist I know,her skin glows.GLOWS.She is drop dead gorgeous in her deep dropped neckline and back,mint looks gorgeous and her natural makeup and hair puts it all together!

6-Demi Lovato in Lanvin

Ok,so her hair?WANT.Skin? WANT. She looks hotter than ever with that hairstyle,those lips and that slit! #AngelinaJolieOscars2012 ! But she's seriously a beauty queen…

That was my MTV VMA's BDL,Fall is almost here,so many fall/winter related posts are coming your way! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram
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Monday, 11 August 2014



Yay! The TCA's finally came around! It is my favourite award show…. it's fun,young and voted by us!
This year,2 piece outfits are the hot trend for the TCA's,for colours,it's green,blue and white mostly!
Here are the celebrities that stood out to moa~

1-Taylor Swift in Novis

Taylor looked smokin' hot in this lime green tweed two piece Novis number! As usual,she steels the show and that haircut gets cuter by the day,classy and fun aka T-Swift…The fun yellow heels added some contrast and her coral lip added to the simplicity and fun!

2-Lucy Hale in Christian Dior

Lucy looked stunning in a mini red dress that showed her lovely curves and had a deep V-neckline!
Even though she usually goes for sweet and innocent,she looks very flirty especially with that gorgeous simple hair-do.

3-Bella Thorne in Candies

Apparently her dress was styled by Johnny Wujek and it's a custom ''Candies'' number made just for Bella…it's a gorgeous 60's influenced dress,it stenches in at her tiny waist,and the loose curls make it look even more flirty and fun!Also her heels matched the blue carpet which is pretty incredible…

4-Zendaya in Material Girl 

Bella's bestie Zendaya rocked a tight fuchsia dress with a bow in the back and a bunch of cutouts,it showed her slim figure and long legs! The pointy pumps are everywhere this year! Also,her new daring haircut? Perfection.

5-Shay Mitchell in Misa Collection

This gorgeous two piece lacy outfit is BREATHTAKING,Shay wins as my favourite red carpet outfit! Her hair is in a complicated looking messy braid,LOVE.
With the rose gold clutch,everything is working in her favour!

6-Nina Dobrev in Vionett

Braid roll! She also rocked a complicated looking messy braid,lovely….
That outfit is stunningly gorgeous. Like can you not ?
 #BethanyMotaRefrence !
The mix of gold,royal blue and that pastel-y kind of light pink with them perfect Kurt Geiger pumps=Best dressed all the way!

That was my BDL of the TCA's! Who was your favourite at the Teen Choice Awards? Let me know if you would give the stars and their stylists this event a Go or a NO?
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Many posts coming up on here,have a nice day or night!



Wednesday, 6 August 2014

 I watch

I am sharing with you the TV shows that I've been watching recently or have watched and I think you should know about…
These could be quite entertaining especially during vacations and summer if you have nothing to do like me,I'm literally so addicted to each one of these and I hope you will be too!


I'm still watching this,I'm at the end of season 4 right now and it's extremely interesting and funny,just fun to watch!
It's about Anne and Dixon who move from Kansas to Beverly Hills-which are almost two polar opposites- and try to fit in with the rich kids and atmosphere of BH,of course,you live through the exciting life of their friends as well,full of Drama and romance,LOVE!

Pretty Little Liars

Of course most of You know about this if you have ever been on any fashion and beauty blog or channel,there's a new episode every Tuesday on ABC family,It's basically about four friends Aria,Hannah,Emily and Spencer who lose their friend Alison Dilurentes and then get blackmailed by a person so-called ''A'',they try to investigate in Alison's murder and figure out who ''A'' is,then come to find the shocking truth…

Dance Moms

This is a reality TV show,set in Pittsburgh all about Abby Lee's Dance Company,starring Abby Lee Miller,her Junior Elite Competition Team made up of little girls who hope to make it big in the dance world,with the help of their lovely moms who tend to get in many fights with each other and Abby Lee Miller to get their daughters ahead of everyone else.
The sweat,tears,outstanding dancing and genius choreography is what makes Abby Lee a successful dance teacher.

The Carrie Diaries 

This series is set in the 1980's ,it follows Carrie Bradshaw during her high school journey finding her love as well as pursuing her dream of being a writer,you also get to follow her friends as they grow up!The series is sadly cancelled now, This series has an incredible stylist and thats what stands out for most people,I hope one day they'll decide to bring it back on!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is another reality show,it follows the lives of the extremely wealthy and opinionated mothers as well as business women,owners,writers,or you can say successful women of BH,they have good times,bad times,lots of fights and makeups.They get wealthier,happier or otherwise,it shows the ups and downs of life,and that money isn't the only thing you need to be happy

2 Broke Girls

This is an extremely hilarious series where Caroline Channing,an heiress,looses all her money when her father's arrested,Max Black,the poor waitress with no family other than the people she works with at the restaurant located in Brooklyn,soon Caroline becomes Max's roommate. They decide to start a cupcake business together! We get to see them making a name for their selves and trying to save up money to open up their own little shop,it's scheduled for a fourth season on the 27th of October!

That's all for now,tweet me or comment if you want a part two of this,and I would be more than happy to do it,as you can see I'm quite obsessed with living through TV shows,I mean watching them…
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Xoxo~Rahaf Khaled

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

 Ways to wear LEATHER in summer!

Leather is a staple of winter and florals are a staple of spring and summer-stereotypical-,when you tell someone otherwise their jaw drops,Risking a fly to be swallowed.

Well fashion breaks it's own rules! Recently many celebrities have been rocking leather in summer,surely it looks good on the red carpet on models and movie stars and you wanna rock it like your favourite rockstar but OH the sweat!!
Well F&M TO THE RESCUE! Here are ways to wear summer leather!

1-Light,airy yet leather-Y!

It's obviously hot in summer and you don't wanna be sweating, Ain't nobody got time for that!
You can wear any type of leather pant/jacket without feeling too hot and thats by pairing your leather with breezy,fresh looking pieces

Demi is pretty known for wearing leather in summer,especially with cute little dresses!
That yellow dress adds colour to the outfit,but the leather detailing on the neckline and slightly messy bun add to the edginess of the outfit which is what you're looking for when wearing the opposite dress code of the season!

Jason Woo 
The pants are a bit too hot for summer since they're black leather,but the light coral lace top adds that summer element.This outfit is now fresher since you'll be able to feel the summer breeze on your arms!

2-Coloured leather

This is an even MORE daring option,Since you're going with this head turning trend…might as well go all the way!

Blake Lively in Mustard Leather?
you see that guy on the left kind of clapping? That was me when I found this photo,the dress has flawless lines and the shape of the corset is what gives this dress a fun summer feel.

Iris Van Herpen
This is a kind of a silver grey kinda colour.whatever it is….it's cooler and lighter than black!

3-Shorter Leather

Wearing pieces like skirts and crop tops in the form of leather can be slightly less hot than wearing full pants or a long sleeved top!

Leather Skirts

They add a hint of sophistication but they can also be SO fun to style!

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are so chic yet very edgy and can be styled in many ways.

Leather Crop tops

The crop tops call for special attention when worn,it's pretty unusual but extremely classy. 

4-Accessorising with leather

This is the easiest way to wear leather in summer,you can wear leather belts,shoes,purses or a jewellery item!
And none of these would make you feel like you're boiling in June while wearing tin-foil.
Also this is a great way if you're just not daring enough for a leather jacket,top or pants but still want to rock this trend.



That was my take on how to wear leather in summer! I have been LOVING this trend and I know you do too,and now you know how to rock it through your own personal style!
I hope I helped in a way or another and if I didn't -yet- here are some outfits worn with leather! Just to inspire you a little bit :) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram -rahaf_fashion- and on here so you can keep up with my blogposts!
Rahaf Khaled



Saturday, 28 June 2014


Traveling Day...

#OOTD no. 1

So I know i'm kinda late on all of these…but just read me out ok? Ok.
Let's talk about how I almost DIED with NO INTERNET?! I have been internet-less for like 3 days and it felt like a year…I have been going to people's houses to go on twitter and instagram and I just got internet today and i'm SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!
Almost as much as i'm excited for my daily OOTD'S this summer!

This is what I wore the day we traveled,i'm in Jordan if you didn't know and i'm gonna be here for almost three months :( not the most fun but better than staying home right?
This is my first OOTD :)



Top: Splash -I think-


Jeans: Navy blue jeans from H&M

Glasses:  Claire's 
Necklace: City life style
Bracelet ring thingy: Monsoon or accessories 
Watch: Swatch

Lee Cooper

I forgot to take a pic of the bag but it's just a black Guy Laroche handbag!

I know it's not the best photography,still figuring out how i wanna do these,Hope you guys enjoy this,you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter  -@rahaf_fashion-
to stay updated on my daily ootds for inspiration,and enjoy your summer!

xoxo,Rahaf Khaled

Monday, 23 June 2014


Plus other shiz!

I just wanted to quickly post this to tell you guys about my OOTD series that i'm gonna be doing this summer,i'm gonna be posting everyday on here -except for the days when I don't go out or wear the same outfit twice which will defiantly not happen often-
And also I might do makeup looks every once in a while which would be quite the change on here!

I really wanna work on my blog this summer since I usually don't do a thing during summer,although I could be using it to do different things.

Look out for more posts and especially the OOTD's for inspiration on what to wear on that day!

You can tweet me on @rahaf_fashion and tell me what kind of outfit you would like me to create for you!

Follow me on there as well as Instagram -same handle as twitter- to stay up to date on what's going on my blog and life!

Anyways I hope you guys are excited for this! I just finished school today and MAY SUMMER BEGIN PLEASE? THANK YOU.

Have a nice,school-free summer!

XOXO,Rahaf Khaled