Sunday, 31 January 2016

6 of the best looks from the 2016 SAG awards...

The Screen Actors Guild awards just went down. And I listed the 6 best looks off of the red carpet...

Sarah Hyland

Stunning. This strapless navy blue number flatters her skin tone,her hair colour,her eye colour,everything. Simple but still dressy enough for the awards.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel looks dashing in this Elie Saab lacey masterpiece.

Queen Latifa

Slay queen. Showing her gorgeous figure off in this shimmery black dress.Flawless.

Kate Winslet

Now I know this isn't as flashy as expected,but it's simplicity caught my attention. It's tailored perfectly and hugs her in all the right places,plus you can never go wrong with emerald green.

Marisa Tomei

Again with the emerald green,looks good on almost everyone! The details,the neckline,and the overall look is timeless.

Kiernan Shipka

This could have gone terribly wrong,but because she went with minimal makeup and had her hair down instead of in an up-do,she pulled it off beautifully.


Friday, 29 January 2016

A Book Review...

Sleeping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella (writing as Madeleine Wickham)

I love reading,I can't actually fall asleep without doing it to put an end to my day.To dive into an imaginary world where my problems wouldn't exist for a few minutes (kind of like what I do with TV shows). So what I read has to be good.I decided to review this book,just because I feel like I have a lot to say about it.

Sophie Kinsella is an amazing author,I read the entire shopaholic series. In this particular book she's writing as Madeleine Wickham (which is her real name),they maybe the same people but Sophie Kinsella is a better writer in my opinion. Madeleine's writing about 2 families on vacation,their friend Gerard is lending them his villa in spain.It turns out that the villa they're staying in is double booked and the 2 families have to stay together for a week. Quite a lot of residents in that villa: Chloe and philip,and Amanda and Hugh and all their children as well as a nanny.They struggle to share at first but then end up sharing more than just a pool with each other.

Now it doesn't just stop there,a lot of drama is happening throughout the book,which I like. It keeps you on your toes. Although to be totally honest,I started it during my summer vacation,then stopped because I was too bored. I think that's my only issue with this book,the beginning misleads you,makes you think that it's a book only written for people with children and jobs . Readers that can understand what the characters are going through because they went through it. I have read many books that have adults and mothers as the main characters (such as big little lies) but I usually enjoy them and don't mind reading all about how their child was throwing a temper tantrum while they were driving their mini van.

Something I was very impressed by was the character development, by the end of the book you would be able to give each character an adjective that describes them perfectly, I grew fond of many of the characters such as Chloe and Philip,as well as the HILARIOUS unpredictable nanny that Amanda hired to take care of her children. I managed to feel sorry for Philip and his work issues even though that was part of the reason I was so far apart from the characters of this book in the beginning.

As the book goes on it gets steamier,the nanny has an affair with someone you don't expect, and a couple of old lovers reignite their passion for each other. Many of the characters -especially the women- rediscover themselves which I thought was inspiring.

The ending was particularly amusing to me,I will not spoil anything but let's just say it's very light-hearted and will for sure end this marvelous read on a positive note. I would give it a 7/10.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I think my readers have established that "Fashion and me" can be more about me than it is about fashion.Who am I kidding? Readers who? I am basically talking to myself right now.Hi me. Hello,(don't you dare say "it's me" it's over,donezo,old af,no more.k thx). 

You know what else I love? Other than fashion? Tv shows. And whoever is reading this right now must think "question marks as well!" haha,still talking to myself. I have always tried to take a more professional approach with my blog,that leads to me never posting.Cause nothing is "professional" or "classy" enough. I want to go back to the time when blogs weren't a place of self promotion,or an advertising space. Just,a place you went to when you wanted to LET IT ALL OUT. To talk about your thoughts and spread your ideas.Well enough is enough. That's what I'm doing from now on. Sure, a couple of frequent readers would be nice,incredible even,but the point of this is I'm going to spread my wings over my keyboard and type away. I'll work my way up from there,and not worry about quality for now. Hopefully it's not going to be too bad,but you will be the judge of that.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Teen Choice Awards 

best and worst dressed

The Teen Choice Awards are finally here. Many people knocked it out of the park and others just...knocked it. I am here to get some dish in on the fashion blessings and catastrophes that occurred on the red carpet.

Best Dressed

Shay Mitchell 

Pretty Little Liars won big this year,which I was -of course- very happy about.
This man suit inspired dress is just flattering her gorgeous figure and helps show off her leggy long legs,classy but still very youthful.Love.

Bella Thorne

This orange and nude minidress makes her skin glow,she looks like she has a healthy tan and her shiny effortless hair and gold sandal heels just put the whole sunkissed look together.Flawless.

Lea Michele

The dress on it's own is stunning because of how simple yet fun it is,but that smile just completes the look,and how healthy does her hair look? Adorable.

Rachel Platten

The fight song singer looks very feminine in this dainty dress,the mixture of color on the dress looks like a crazy expensive art piece you would find on the wall of Serena Van der Woodsens future 2-story condo located on the upper east side.The lace framing around it gives a classier feel.

Nina Dobrev

Ok first of all, no Elena is season 7. I freaked the freak out when I heard,how is this possible?
Her dress on the other hand is possibly one of the best dresses of the night,very sparkly,edgy and will leave an impression and something for us to remember Elena by *tears*. We expect nothing less from one of the best designers of this age,Zuhair Murad.

Victoria Justice

A moment for how alike they look -still can't get over that- also she called her "her doubleganger" *dead*. But my goodness when I saw her dress I gasped! The color complements her skintone and the fringe adds that young fun splash the TCA's are known for.The simple heels and nude purse put the look together without it being too over the top.

Lilly (aka Superwoman)

Well,well,well. If it isn't my most favorite person in the world. She looks fantabulous,her dress looks so light,and airy. She also mentioned a couple of times how she LOVES that she's wearing flats cause we all know just how much she enjoys that.Even though she didn't win,I'm personally proud of her for being nominated :) 

Lucy Hale

The first thing I thought of after staring -ehm- looking at this was:Aria would totally wear this.
It's very edgy because of the deep V-cut and the mesh over it,but the embroidery and the pattern of the actual dress gives it a tiny bit of a girly feel.Her super long hair brings back memories to before the haircut,and she still looks as good now as she did then.And congrats to her on the big win!

Maddie Ziegler

The floral number looks beautiful on the 12-year old sensation,the hot pink Valentinos are my favorite.I did think her makeup was a bit pale,but she still looks amazing.Even if she didn't pull a win..

Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe's two piece is absolutely a favorite of mine,the palm tree bodice is summer and very age appropriate,loved the jade green metallic skirt,definitely something a winner would wear.SO proud of her  #PROVETHEMWRONG.

Worst dressed

Willow Shields

Pattern on pattern,I don't think the colors go together very well,the belt looks like a chocolate bar(not in a good way). The whole outfit adds at least 20 years to her age and the eggplant pointy heels just don't help her case.And that high neck long sleeve top must be horrible considering how hot it was.


Zenday's outfit wasn't the worst,but it's not a favorite either.
Her top reminds me of a pillow my grandma used to have,and her skirt and shoes are just too formal for the TCA's,although I loved her abnormally large hoops,and I love her to bits...

Mae Whitman

She doesn't always make the best decisions when it comes to red carpet fashion,this dress reminds me of Peter Pan a little bit.I didn't particularly enjoy her accessories or makeup and hair either,all of them together look weird and just not red carpet appropriate.But if she likes them then you do you,you know?

Rita Ora

One word came to mind as soon as I saw this: Ketchup.
The reddish hair with the unfitted suit just don't do it for me. Everyone knows that the first thing you do before wearing a male inspired suit is fitting it perfectly,to show off your womanly curves.There's way too much of an unpleasant shade of red present which means this was a total fail for me.This was a shock since Rita always slays on the red carpet.Next time.

That's what I thought of some of the outfits that walked the red carpet this year at the TCA's,everyone generally looked amazing and whoever won totally deserved it. Follow me on all the social medias,username is @Rahaf_fashion

See ya later fashionistas...


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Finding your Undertone

Finding your undertone is the first step to accomplishing that perfect makeup look that defines all your assets and hides all your flaws,the wrong shade of lipstick can make you look washed out-the wrong shade of highlighter can make you look like a disco ball!And the wrong shade of under eye concealer can make you look like a striped zebra with two polar opposite colours-which is why you HAVE to define your undertone,and here are my favourite ways how:


This is my favourite method,which only requires honesty and a little experimenting,If you think you look better in silver accessories then you have a cool undertone,but if you look better in gold then you have a warm undertone-simple as that…If you look good in both,then you're lucky and any thing would look good on you.

Second:It's in your veins

This one is known in the beauty community and is a more ''I'm a professional makeup artist'' kind of way to do it,and more definite and accurate yet simple way,only requires focus and good lighting.

Three possible shades of veins: If they are blue you're cool,If green you're warm and if olive you're neutral and again-lucky 

Those 2 methods are my favourite ways that I've tried on other people as well,hope this helped! Don't forget to follow me on here,instagram and twitter (@rahaf_fashion) to keep up!
Talk to you fashionistas later ~Xoxo


Friday, 12 September 2014


The Video Music Awards are INCREDIBLY entertaining,they became even more interesting after Miley's performance last year,she put the bar high up and we're expecting even more this year!

Starting off with the fashion,BREATHTAKING.
Only a few were not-so awesome but for the most part,they did pretty damn amazing.

1-Katy Perry and Riff Raff in VERSACE

They both look ADORABLE in these custom Versace outfits,she took Britney Spear's and Justin Timberlake's look to the next level! Adding some typical Katy Perry rhinestones…

2-Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou

Of course she's on the BDL because first:She's T-my girl! Second:Would you look at that romper?!I don't understand why so many people put her on there WDL I think this is very flattering on her gorgeous perfect body,and that messy -yet combed- hair adds to the sexiness of the outfit.

3-Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier

She did make quite a few jaws drop -not in a good way- at last year's VMA's but this year,she looked sexy yet radiant and classy at the same time,that bandeau top and them pants,perfection.Also,how sweet was she?letting a homeless man accept her award?People who twerk CAN be good people if you doubted that.

4-Ariana Grande in Moschino

She had quite a successful year this year! With her trio with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J,as well as Problem with Iggy Azalea,all eyes are gonna be on her!She looked so incredible! Moschino has been worn before this award season by Demi Lovato at the TCA.

5-Jessie J in Vintage Halston

 Jessie J is like the awesomest most talented vocalist I know,her skin glows.GLOWS.She is drop dead gorgeous in her deep dropped neckline and back,mint looks gorgeous and her natural makeup and hair puts it all together!

6-Demi Lovato in Lanvin

Ok,so her hair?WANT.Skin? WANT. She looks hotter than ever with that hairstyle,those lips and that slit! #AngelinaJolieOscars2012 ! But she's seriously a beauty queen…

That was my MTV VMA's BDL,Fall is almost here,so many fall/winter related posts are coming your way! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram
Talk to you fashionistas later!



Monday, 11 August 2014



Yay! The TCA's finally came around! It is my favourite award show…. it's fun,young and voted by us!
This year,2 piece outfits are the hot trend for the TCA's,for colours,it's green,blue and white mostly!
Here are the celebrities that stood out to moa~

1-Taylor Swift in Novis

Taylor looked smokin' hot in this lime green tweed two piece Novis number! As usual,she steels the show and that haircut gets cuter by the day,classy and fun aka T-Swift…The fun yellow heels added some contrast and her coral lip added to the simplicity and fun!

2-Lucy Hale in Christian Dior

Lucy looked stunning in a mini red dress that showed her lovely curves and had a deep V-neckline!
Even though she usually goes for sweet and innocent,she looks very flirty especially with that gorgeous simple hair-do.

3-Bella Thorne in Candies

Apparently her dress was styled by Johnny Wujek and it's a custom ''Candies'' number made just for Bella…it's a gorgeous 60's influenced dress,it stenches in at her tiny waist,and the loose curls make it look even more flirty and fun!Also her heels matched the blue carpet which is pretty incredible…

4-Zendaya in Material Girl 

Bella's bestie Zendaya rocked a tight fuchsia dress with a bow in the back and a bunch of cutouts,it showed her slim figure and long legs! The pointy pumps are everywhere this year! Also,her new daring haircut? Perfection.

5-Shay Mitchell in Misa Collection

This gorgeous two piece lacy outfit is BREATHTAKING,Shay wins as my favourite red carpet outfit! Her hair is in a complicated looking messy braid,LOVE.
With the rose gold clutch,everything is working in her favour!

6-Nina Dobrev in Vionett

Braid roll! She also rocked a complicated looking messy braid,lovely….
That outfit is stunningly gorgeous. Like can you not ?
 #BethanyMotaRefrence !
The mix of gold,royal blue and that pastel-y kind of light pink with them perfect Kurt Geiger pumps=Best dressed all the way!

That was my BDL of the TCA's! Who was your favourite at the Teen Choice Awards? Let me know if you would give the stars and their stylists this event a Go or a NO?
Let's chat on my Twitter and Instagram! 
Many posts coming up on here,have a nice day or night!