Saturday, 28 June 2014


Traveling Day...

#OOTD no. 1

So I know i'm kinda late on all of these…but just read me out ok? Ok.
Let's talk about how I almost DIED with NO INTERNET?! I have been internet-less for like 3 days and it felt like a year…I have been going to people's houses to go on twitter and instagram and I just got internet today and i'm SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!
Almost as much as i'm excited for my daily OOTD'S this summer!

This is what I wore the day we traveled,i'm in Jordan if you didn't know and i'm gonna be here for almost three months :( not the most fun but better than staying home right?
This is my first OOTD :)



Top: Splash -I think-


Jeans: Navy blue jeans from H&M

Glasses:  Claire's 
Necklace: City life style
Bracelet ring thingy: Monsoon or accessories 
Watch: Swatch

Lee Cooper

I forgot to take a pic of the bag but it's just a black Guy Laroche handbag!

I know it's not the best photography,still figuring out how i wanna do these,Hope you guys enjoy this,you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter  -@rahaf_fashion-
to stay updated on my daily ootds for inspiration,and enjoy your summer!

xoxo,Rahaf Khaled

Monday, 23 June 2014


Plus other shiz!

I just wanted to quickly post this to tell you guys about my OOTD series that i'm gonna be doing this summer,i'm gonna be posting everyday on here -except for the days when I don't go out or wear the same outfit twice which will defiantly not happen often-
And also I might do makeup looks every once in a while which would be quite the change on here!

I really wanna work on my blog this summer since I usually don't do a thing during summer,although I could be using it to do different things.

Look out for more posts and especially the OOTD's for inspiration on what to wear on that day!

You can tweet me on @rahaf_fashion and tell me what kind of outfit you would like me to create for you!

Follow me on there as well as Instagram -same handle as twitter- to stay up to date on what's going on my blog and life!

Anyways I hope you guys are excited for this! I just finished school today and MAY SUMMER BEGIN PLEASE? THANK YOU.

Have a nice,school-free summer!

XOXO,Rahaf Khaled 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Charles James:Beyond Fashion

Met Gala 2014

Best dressed list

If you didn't know the Met Gala event is exclusive only to the best fashion icons and movie stars in the business,also the ticket is $25,000 per person…so not anyone can attend anyways.
This event was just too good and fancy to pass up , last year, the theme of the met gala was punk and this year it's Charles James! Which meant the stars chose to either go BIG or go home , although a lot of them were a disappoint (maybe they went too big) some of them looked outstanding.  
These are the stars that I thought were FABULOUS!

1- Blake Lively in Gucci

Speachless,I think she was THE BEST DRESSED celeb of the entire night for me,It screams Hollywood glamour,I think champagne is such a luxrious colour-maybe her colour to me-I don't know how she's gonna top this look ever!

2- Taylor Swift in Oscar De La Renta

So it's obvious that trains and pinks were huge for the night,T-Swift looks angelic in this gorgeous light pink number,definitely the opposite of last years punk rock look she had,also the train from the back is the most adorable thing other than her face <3 <3

3-Selena Gomez in Diane Von Furstenberg

The two besties definitely rocked it! Selena looked just as gorgeous as her BFF T-Swift,in this breathtaking Burgundy gown,it's simple but well tailored which is the most important thing to look for in such a big event,the huge Lorraine Schwartz earrings are GORGEOUS and they really put the outfit over the top.

4-Rihanna in Stella McCartney

Bad yet classy RiRi is my favourite! She looked Splendid in a two piece dress,her hair up,stunning.Also what about the tattoos peeking out from under there?

5-Kendall Jenner in Top shop

Yes,it's hard to believe that such a big name would wear such a not-so big name.Kendall looked  STUNNING and even though you can tell she tried not to overshadow her sister,she sure did! Her flawless model figure in this tightish number *lifts three finger* and the affordable brand really attracted all sights to her.

7-Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

Um,breathtakingly gorgeous much? The supermodel was indeed one of the most jaw dropping looks of the night,that dress is something I want in my closet,it fits perfectly on her stunning body shape.

So these are the celebs who I thought took advantage of fashion's biggest night to show that they can be over the top without being too-Lady Gaga- crazy! Many summer BDL coming up,hope you enjoyed this,follow me on instagram and twitter to be notified whenever I have a new post here!
have a nice day or night!

xoxo,Rahaf Khaled

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Color Report

spring/summer 2014

IT'S SPRINGGGG!!!! YAY! well that took FOREVER to shake off but winter howled away and spring flew in…..(get it? as in winter wind howls and in spring butterflies fly??ok.)
Soo since spring has arrived I thought , something I could do that's useful and opens up our spring/summer spirit to da world

So together we are gonna go through all the colours I saw on the runway and in shops or are hot and WILL be in shops for this next fun , bright season of spring and summer…..

Radiant  Orchid

Of Course if you follow fashion shows you know that this is COLOUR OF THE YEAR and that it was most popular , lucky for me , my entire room is designed around the shades of purple,so thats good! Anyways , this colour is so damn gorgeous , I can't even! From everything pumps to tops , all in this colour! Just focus on the 'radiant' part , cause that's what makes it irresistible..!

Electric Blue

Electric blue is my favourite neon colour ever! Even though orchid is the COTY , this colour has appeared ALOT on runway shows , so hyper and fun! And it goes with almost every colour for this spring/summer. Electric Blue is my new black!


 It's a more calm , mature neon orange to me…..I guess.But its a very nice change from the typical orange we go for every single year,really excited to wear this colour!


Emerald is such a luxurious colour,I feel like it's a royalty colour , I kind of see all the important people in it at some point , Clinton , The first ladies , Beyonce….
Also it's a dark but not so dark colour that woman who prefer darker colours could wear….even to the beach… *flip dat hair B!*

Ice Blue

One of my favourites , honestly I have been wearing this colour for about a week with different garments…..maybe I should do an IceBlue #OOTW! totally coming up…..
Anyways , maybe I love it because it reminds me of Frozen or something? It's a great colour on everyone…..

Illuminate yellow

This yellow is not quite neon yellow but it's definitely not a regular yellow , it's the perfect sun summer colour <3 ALL KINDS of yellow are in this year , almost ,yeah.

Orange , orange

That actually original orange colour never gets old , when you wear it and go out in the sun , you attract vitamin c to your body and its all fun and hot summer and stuff like that…….(it's just the colour of an orange , you get it)


This is a colour that I think would be perfect for business women to wear instead of black and plain beige this summer , it will also look awesome on a gorgeously tanned glowing skin , it gives that beachy vibe….(even in a business suit!)

Mint Green 

And Finally one of my favs! Mint green is HUGE and has been huge for a long time , it so chic and  , gorgeously energetic!

So these are the colours of SPRING/SUMMER 2014 , took me a long time cause I was working on other things for my blog as I wrote this long awaited post , better late than never!
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more posts coming up and I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be doing an OOTD everyday during summer , (which my summer vacation starts on the 23rd….long way to go…)

Reference from pantone and fashion shows of Spring/Summer 2014

XOXO,Rahaf Khaled

Monday, 14 April 2014

Kids Choice awards

Best Dressed List

This award show might not be that big of a deal for most people , but first off:
 It's a great and funny (slime part) and also the most innocent award show 

Second: As usual , fashion is a huge part of award shows and this is no exception..

It's usually hard for the stars to be dressed approprietly for this occasion , especially the older ones , but a lot of them have a great sense of style and make it work, even if it doesn't completely cover up everything!
So this is my best dressed list for the KCA's:

1- Bella Thorne

Bella looked gorgeous in a Valentino emerald green play-suite kinda outfit , her orange fiery hair goes beautifully against it. Love her , She's gorgeous!

2-Ariana Grande

 She looked so fun with that little yellow dress! She wore Aiisha Ramadan and added white pumps which complemented her radiant skin colour  and a Chanel quilted purse which she decorated with different Nickelodeon characters , unique , different and totes adobes!

3-Victoria Justice

I think she is my favourite! She walked the orange carpet in a beautiful Atelier Versace dress which went great with the background and made her look sophisticated but fun at the same time!

4-Jayma Mays

She looked awesome in this gorgeous printed dress by Timo Weiland , I love how the prints are mixed through the neckline and the belt part..and it looks incredible with her orange hair.

5-Lea Michelle

She looked pretty in pink wearing Elie Saab on the Orange carpet , she defs looked like a modern day princess in her dainty lace dress.

6-Sydney Park

She rocked the classy black and white look looking flirty and indeed stole the spotlight with her cute Timmy Woods box purse , also her hair and makeup rocked!

7-Lia Marie Johnson

She looked gorgeous as usual in that bright yellow dress , and the cutouts look awesome and make the dress and Lia more fun than they already are! Love Lia <3

8-Laura Marano

She looked so petite in that crop top and skirt combo! Classy yet ready to play , stunning hair and great personality…

These are the stars that I personally thought were the best dressed at the KCA's my Teen choice awards  BDL will possibly be the last one to go up for this year , and we will continue the rest of it with many fashion tips and tricks and all fun things! 
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To check back for new posts and How to's on Fashion And Me! 

Xoxo, Rahaf Khaled!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Oscars 2014

Best Dressed

Yay!! The Oscars finally came around and they were the funniest and most amazing Oscars I have ever seen! Like ever! Ellen was HILARIOUS (as expected) ordered pizza , took a history making selfie (which i'm proud to say I was one of the first to tweet…. *clears throat*)
But as usual it's the fashion that gets most people talking…..not the BEST year….nothing made me go OH MY GOD!! Which kind of disappointing….but,there was hardly any badly dressed stars ,, I mean its the Oscars , you have to pay a lot of attention to what you wear!
Anyway,here is my BDL for the Oscars 2014

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

Who would have thought Jennifer would pick Dior??? Unpredictable you say?? I AGREE!! (For those who are reading my blog for the first time or not that often…… you should know sarcasm is my thing…) But as usual ,  she looked gorgeous , classy and that hair looks beautiful on her! the best hair goes to her for the night because I mean…. COME ON!! With the simple necklace hanging in the back as well , she definitely looked classy and modern. Plus…what a spirit when Lopita won!

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada

Of course everyone was SO excited to see what she was gonna wear , well let me tell you… she wore an Oscar! And a breathtaking dress she designed with the help of Prada , I mean no one with dark skin would have ever thought to wear such and icy shade of blue….but she sure pulled it off and I LOVE HER AND IT!!

Julia Roberts in Givenchy

Well , no one could tell she was the mother of 6 when she walked out in that dress! I mean the lace detailing and the peplum? Outstandingly Classy….. And the kind of messy hair adds to the relaxed Julia we know and love…..

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

She looked stunning in this silver and black column dress…. I'm loving the short hair everyone has been rocking lately! Looks especially good on her…. and when she presented I was kind of blinded by all the mirrors but you know , still gorgeous

Cate Blanchet in Armani Prive'

Gorgeous nude coloured dress makes Cate look angelic! Especially that she has a beautiful
body but doesn't look like a skeleton , it really brings out the shape of her body without being over the top. Classy , Glamorous 

Many more exciting outfits but these are the ones that caught my eye the most , love the Oscars and already excited for next year! 
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to be informed when a new post arrives to the world you're reading……lol.     -not funny rahaf- 
A couple of award shows to come and award season will be over. :( but my colour trend report is coming soon so…..look out for that!

XOXO,Rahaf Khaled

Friday, 28 February 2014

SAG Awards 2014

Worst Dressed

Yet again! I have been posting many , many (many) award  BDL's ,It's just the beginning of each year , and they go till about ……. April I believe , although I think the Teen Choice Awards come closer to summer vacation! It's the award show i'm second most excited about…. of course the first one is the Oscars! So excited Ellen is hosting again this year…….

Anyway , off subject! In the SAG Awards this year I was surprised (kind of) to see SO many Celebs who know better…… or at least their professional stylists know more….I mean like come on!

I don't like to be negative or offend anyone , but I mean I HAD TO!! So this is my first ever worst dressed list!

Kerry Washington

She does look great and have glowing skin , especially since she's expecting a baby but I mean come on , that 2 piece dress….it just isn't her thing I mean the voluminous skirt and the sparkly embellished crop  top , as well as the neon cultch and those shoes! Just didn't go together , I just can't……

Natalie Dromer 

I just thought , no , I can't believe she would hit the red carpet like this , I mean the dress itself has a straight cut which is definitely not her thing , and what's with that strange net on her arm ……. her makeup??? And her new half shaved hair is just …. not. She had beautiful hair before

Mayim Bialik

Well , she made a big bang mistake trying to pull of a vampy , gothic kind of look , I think she would've looked a lot prettier without the black top , some statement jewellery and her hair down , that up do , this dress with that makeup and this girl…NO , NO

Julie Bowen

What the heck…..she looks like she should be working at a chocolate factory is the only thing I could think of when I first saw that picture , what was she thinking?? weird print , weird hair and an eye twitch bring dear Julie to a WDL…..

Mariah Carey

Oh , I love her beautiful voice but , she looks like she's going to a concert in the 90's , the tight black dress , fishnet tight , leather gloves? Not a red carpet look for a formal event….Nick Cannon on the other hand…Olala!

Edie Flaco

The butterfly printed dress made her fly away from any best dressed list there is , doesn't fit ,  the accessorising with the long necklace , too casual. Ridiculous in fact…...

Emma Thompson

First of all , who the hell would even THINK of wearing flats to a red carpet?And that dress..the top looks fine but the bottom? looks like something someone would wear while mopping the floor of their tiny $100 apartment….

Sarah Paulson

I think she looks like the little girl ghost that always appears in the typical horror movies or maybe the dress just looks like the petticoat they wear in shows like Downtown Abby or through the victorian kind of times.

It was a bummer that so many stars picked the wrong things to wear , although many of them were a staple in best dressed lists this award season , they broke the chain by being a little bit off for the SAG awards , wish them the best for the next couple of award shows….

XOXO, Rahaf Khaled